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We are active in more than 20 countries and employ around 5 000 people, drawn from 70 nations. Underpinning our competitive advantages in exploration and our unique LNG model, we have a lean management structure. This combination gives us the skills and capabilities of a much larger company, while retaining the speed and agility of a much smaller company.

Proven industry-leading explorer

We have a strong track record in exploration, having added on average approximately 900 billion barrels of oil equivalent of resources to our portfolio every year over the last decade.

We believe we are well placed to repeat our successes, because of our:

● wide geological and technical expertise;
● people and culture; and
● simple, consistent and robust screening processes that enable us to make fast and efficient decisions, and then establish positions rapidly.

Unique LNG model

We have built a highly flexible LNG business, with a diverse portfolio of supply and market positions.

Most of our sales contracts can be supplied from any of our LNG sources. This means we are able to run the portfolio as efficiently as possible and ensure reliable supply for our customers.

In 2017, we will be the largest contracted supplier to China, the world’s fastest-growing LNG market. We have also delivered to 26 of the 27 countries that currently import LNG.

Our flexible portfolio enables our new customers to commit to LNG purchases without depending on the schedule of a single project.

Our safe and sustainable approach

We care about the safety of everyone working with us and strive to continuously identify, manage and reduce risk as low as reasonably practicable.

Working in a sustainable way is essential to our business. We aim to provide energy for the future that is affordable, increasingly abundant, secure and relatively low-carbon. We believe natural gas will play an important part in meeting the long-term global energy mix.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, by improving our own energy efficiency and emissions performance. We invest in and support research, technology and innovation to achieve these objectives.

Wherever we work, we recognise that without the support of our key stakeholders – be they governments, opposition parties, communities, civil society, customers, suppliers or service providers – our achievements will be unsustainable.

We develop long-term relationships with all our partners. We believe that an organisation can only deliver outstanding performance over the long term if everyone’s interests are aligned and everyone’s behaviour meets shared standards and values.