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Vestas’ organisation is structured on seven key pillars representing all key disciplines of the company and all employees. These seven key pillars are headed by the eight members of the Executive Committee, which ensures the well-functioning of the company as well as Vestas’ overall performance.

As a structurally lean organisation,  Vestas has offices in 24 countries and five strong regional sales business units in Northern Europe, Central Europe, Americas, Mediterranean, and Asia Pacific & China.

The future isn't a faraway place. It's as near as tomorrow and it will affect us all. As energy consumption soars, how will we meet the demand? Fossil fuels are a finite resource that will gradually disappear. The natural replacement is sweeping freely around the earth. Wind. Its renewable, predictable, fast to install, clean, and commercially viable.

We have the data to support our prediction that by 2020 as much as 10 per cent of the world’s electricity consumption will be satisfied by energy from the wind. What’s more, we have the confidence to say that wind power is an industry on par with coal and gas.