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The natural upstream oil and gas partner: navigating complexity, unlocking potential

Any reputable energy company has the latest technologies at its disposal. What matters is applying the right technologies in the best way to create maximum value. This is what we do.  Each individual resource holder faces unique challenges. We help our customers overcome their challenges through rigorous analysis. This informs how we source, develop and deploy technical solutions to deliver optimal performance at the lowest possible cost.

We build long-lasting relationships. Just look at our historic milestones and achievements. Others often look to replicate the same approach regardless of diverse needs. We believe in listening to our customers and analysing their needs as well as the economic, political and physical environment in which they work. We then work together with them to achieve shared goals – safely and responsibly.

We’re in it for the long term

We’ve spent the last 40 years finding and developing oil and gas with our partners. And we’re looking forward to the next.  We are committed to maximising value for resource holders and shareholders by investing for the long term. In fact, it is this long-term view that gives us the clarity to help our customers optimise short-term opportunities.

As part of the A.P.Moller - Maersk Group, which has existed for more than 100 years and operates in more than 130 countries, we’re backed by a global conglomerate that is renowned for its long-term investment strategies, impressive history and strong values.