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With more than 70 projects across 27 countries, we are engaged in well-balanced business operations in terms of geographic area, portfolio contract, operating stage and proportion of crude oil to natural gas.

Since completing the business integration in October 2008, our prime mission has been to supply energy in a stable and efficient manner and our operations have expanded to include more than 70 projects in 26 countries.

As a result, we have grown into a leader in Japan with respect to production and reserves and have secured our presence as a mid-tier oil and gas E&P company among the global competitors. As for the gas supply chain, we are seeing steady and firm progress in the construction of the required infrastructure in Japan.

However, the global business environment surrounding the energy sector is changing rapidly and intricately and a variety of risks inherent in energy development is expected.

We must move steadily forward in our business management with a more focused medium- to long-term perspective.

Particularly in Japan, key focuses are recovery from the devastating earthquake of March 2011 and rebuilding the national energy policy.

Having made the FID (Final Investment Decision) on the Ichthys LNG Project in January 2012, we are now setting targets to achieve sustainable growth over the medium- to long-term and are clarifying key initiatives for the next five years leading up to the Ichthys start-up, as described in this booklet.