Galp Energia E&P B.V.

Our Products & Services

We started the Exploration & Production activity in Angola in 1982, at the Safueiro field, and since then we have added other projects in Angola to our portfolio, in which block 14 stands out for being one of the only blocks under production.

In 1999, we started out projects in Brazil by participating in the second bidding round for the award of exploration rights in the country. Galp Energia's exploration activity is growing fast, especially in Brazil, where the relevant discoveries in the Santos basin led us to the restricted group of operators with highly successful exploration programmes.

Galp Energia acquires from several suppliers the crude oil that is processed in its refineries at Sines and Porto. These refineries have a total refining capacity of 310 thousand barrels of crude oil a day, or 20% of the Iberian Peninsula's refining capacity.

The refined products are predominantly marketed in Portugal and Spain but also in Africa. From the current production, close to 80% is sold under the Galp brand. The rest is sold to other operators and exported to several European and North American countries.

In 2008, the acquisition of Agip's and ExxonMobil's operations in the Iberian market for oil products was completed. These transactions were part of Galp Energia's strategy for expanding its operations in the Iberian Peninsula, the Company's core market for distributing oil products. These acquisitions were very important as they raised the Company's capacity to place the products from its refineries, thereby stabilising sales and lowering dependence on exports, which demand and prices are less stable.

The Gas and Power business segment groups Galp Energia’s natural gas procurement, distribution and marketing activities, and its electrical and thermal power generation functions.
The natural gas business involves purchasing natural gas for marketing in the Iberian Peninsula, where the Spanish market recently gained a growing importance. This occurred through Galp Energia acquiring Gas Natural's commercialisation activities in the Madrid region. Currently, Galp Energia has supply contracts of six billion m3 of natural gas a year from Algeria and Nigeria.
Our growing power business which comprises multi-generation, either by its wind power capacity or by its cogeneration plants, with an total installed capacity of 175 MW. In addition to current projects in operation, Galp Energia has a developing portfolio of new cogeneration projects and wind power.