Interventek Subsea Engineering has signed a two-year exclusive deal with Louisiana-based Professional Rental Tools LLC (PRT) to supply its in-riser Revolution valve for well intervention operations in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The company will supply its 6.375-in. 15,000-psi valves to PRT this summer.

The Revolution shear and seal valve will be used to enhance PRT’s existing subsea systems offering. The PRT Subsea Spanner Joint System interfaces with the rig BOPs, subsea tree vendor tubing hanger running tool, as well as downhole functions during installation, workover, or removal of subsea completions.

The system is designed for deepwater and high working pressure applications. The company said that the addition of the valve enables the user to cut wire or coiled tubing introduced into the well and provides a seal from below after the cut. The valve also offers pump-through capability to facilitate well kill operations.

Interventek says that the Revolution valve has multiple well control applications. In a single compact device, the valve provides the capability to quickly and reliably cut all types of intervention media while detecting the integrity of its seal. 

The technology uses separate cutting and sealing components so that the seal is not compromised. Resilient seals avoid the use of vulnerable elastomer components for fluid containment, enabling use in high-pressure/high-temperature and large bore applications. External rotary actuators provide a superior cutting force for the very strongest of intervention media and hydraulics are kept separate from the wellbore. The design is scalable, and said to be able to meet all well bore sizes and operating pressures, including 20,000 psi.

PRT COO and President Patrick Placer said: “The design advantage of the Interventek Revolution valve has allowed it to be easily integrated into the PRT existing Spanner Joint System and offers our customers the additional benefit of being able to cut wireline or coiled tubing and then seal.”

Source: Offshore Mag -