Sevan Marine continues to work on a floating LNG study for an unnamed US major, according to company’s latest quarterly update.

Other ongoing programs are engineering support for Dana Petroleum’s Western Isles project in the UK northern North Sea, which will feature a Sevan-designed cylindrical FPSO; and construction support of the vessel at the COSCO yard in China.

Dana expects the FPSO to be installed at the field location in late 2017.

In the Norwegian Barents Sea, Sevan Marine has completed an early-phase study for OMV’s Wisting field development.

The company is working on an ultra-deepwater application of its cylindrical floater employing steel catenary risers. It hopes to obtain approval for a non-disconnectable FPSO with the ability to retain cargo during a hurricane, which would be a first in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Sevan claims this would provide a much cheaper solution than the disconnectable, turret-based systems in use today

In addition, the company has started studies on new drilling applications for the cylindrical design.

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