Petróleos Mexicanos expects to establish at least 40 partners during 2017, not only in terms of finance, but also operational and technological. In an interview with Excélsior, Javier Hinojosa Puebla, director of Pemex Exploration and Production, said that these actions will be concentrated in the development of fields such as Chicontepec, Altamira and Poza Rica, which have significant gas and oil.

"The plan is for us to have about 40 partnerships in 2017. Especially for the fields in the northern part of the country, where we are looking for these partnerships to bring new partners and support us in the execution, financing or Technologies so that they can extract those hydrocarbons that are part of the reserves of this country".

He assured that the Business Plan being followed by the company seeks to revive and make profitable the fields that were currently left on the side. Due to budgetary adjustments, the company has had to leave a significant number of fields, mainly those whose cost of extraction exceeds 20 dollars per barrel. The manager mentioned that the company has 474 assignments, of which 109 are for exploration, 72 are for the Secretariat of Energy and 293 for production, however, of this total the firm currently operates only 40.

These fields maintain 80% of the production, in addition to that is where they are 78% of the reserves. The rest of the allocations "will be reactivated with these associations that we intend to do with the support of Sener, the National Hydrocarbons Commission and the Ministry of Finance. They are going to be making clusters because we are going to add several assignments so that it is attractive for our partners to invest or to come to do new practices of execution and to incorporate technology.

Regarding deepwater partnerships, he said that they are already evaluating which could leave significant gains to the company, so the potential in reserves and the costs of extractions in some fields already discovered such as Nobilis and Maximino are already being analyzed.

However, to launch them on farm out during 2017, it is necessary to improve the price of a barrel of crude.

"We have several deepwater allocations, we are evaluating them and we are seeing their production capacity, their profitability, because today with the costs of the barrel it is more complicated to enter the exploitation of these areas. We have discovered fields, but we have to see their profitability and in the future could be part of a farm out, "he said.

By 2017, the company will be investing 28,000 million pesos for exploration work, as they will continue to evaluate the geological potential of Mexico, both in deep waters, specifically in the Perdido area, as well as in the rest of the country. "We have to continue evaluating to advance the knowledge of these opportunities."

We want a more global operation!

Among the plans of Pemex is to increase its operations in the world between 2020 and 2021, so it would evaluate to have presence in Colombia, Ecuador and even the USA.

In the interview, Javier Hinojosa Puebla, director of Pemex Exploration and Production, said that the national oil company has the experience and human resources to carry out oil exploitation work outside the country.

However, to carry out these activities it is necessary that these activities are profitable and that leave benefits, not only to the national oil company, but also to Mexico.

He mentioned that geological zones exist in other countries, mainly in shallow waters and terrestrial fields, very similar to those that he has always worked in Mexico, because this will become his main tool to compete in the international market.

Migrate to other areas, to other accounts to do exploration and possibly also exploitation, especially in the shallow and terrestrial waters, where PEP has the skills to do them ", so the Business Plan is already considering it for 2020 to 2021 .