API Offshore Sr. Policy Advisor Andy Radford highlighted the importance of seismic surveys in the Gulf of Mexico and the potential significance of the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s recently released draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement. 

“Seismic surveys help make offshore energy development safer and more efficient,” said Radford. “They are essential in the US and around the world to locate potential new sources of energy. Advances in seismic imaging technology and data processing over the last decade have dramatically improved the industry’s ability to locate oil and natural gas offshore. And those energy sources – especially in the Gulf – can be harnessed to create hundreds of thousands of jobs, help American consumers and strengthen our national security. 

“Our industry remains committed to improving the scientific understanding of the impacts of our operations on marine life. Seismic surveying in the Gulf of Mexico is a critical part of safe offshore energy development that is necessary if we are to continue to harness our nation’s energy potential for the benefit of American energy consumers.”

Source: http://www.offshore-mag.com/articles/2016/10/api-weighs-in-on-gom-seismic-surveys.html