Decom North Sea (DNS) has launched the Late Life Planning Portal.

The website – also known as L2P2 – has been designed to support the North Sea oil and gas industry in planning and executing late-life and decommissioning projects, and is said to provide a single access point for knowledge sharing and cross-sector learning.

It supports DNS’ aim to bring regulators, operators, and the supply chain together to create a cooperative environment that can best assist the decommissioning industry.

CEO Roger Esson said: “Decommissioning is a long game, with over 40 years of decommissioning activity yet to take place and around 90% of North Sea assets yet to be decommissioned.

“For that to happen as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible in the long term, we need to make good decisions in the late life phase.”

He described the portal as providing “the ultimate decommissioning toolkit: a repository for lessons learned, a forum for discussion and a gateway to contacts, analytics and market intelligence.

“At this stage in any industry, a toolkit such as this provides fundamental support in achieving the overarching objectives of efficiency, simplification, standardization, and cooperation.”

Decom North Sea business manager/L2P2 project manager Pamela Ogilvie added: “It is now up to industry to share the tools and processes that have materially added value to their decommissioning projects, so that others can share the benefits.”