Pedro Joaquín Coldwell , Secretary of Energy revealed that there are three to four groups interested to partner with Petroleos Mexicanos ( Pemex ) to build new refineries in areas of Campeche , Tabasco , Veracruz and Tamaulipas.

He said that these groups are currently in the planning process . He acknowledged that in refining the country has pending to reconfigure three industrial facilities and build more refineries.

In answering lawmakers at the meeting held at the headquarters of the Senate, Pedro Joaquin Coldwell said that there is now the need to reconfigure refineries because they were originally designed to process light crude and now " we are producing heavy oil " they have to be modernized . He said that "unfortunately the old regulatory model made the development simply forbidden to build refineries in Mexico with private companies. It was reached absurd to associate outside and in Deer Park, Texas . "

On the development of clean energy, Energy Secretary commented that this administration is expected to be 25 percent of total electricity generation and by 2050 at least 50 percent of clean energy. The reform , he said, established clean energy certificates and the mechanism of long-term power auctions , tools that will achieve these goals.

With regard to the reliability of supply of methane gas, he acknowledged that it is a matter of concern and has to deal with the most responsibility. "We are implementing public policies to take greater volume of gas from more gas producers . Importing natural gas from Texas will allow us to release southeast wet gas and bring it to Bajio and provide it to the petrochemical industry. "

In addition , there are various fields likely to have gas and we believe in Trion, where Pemex seeks a partnership for exploitation, there are great chances that contains gas. He announced that in the second electric power auction to be held on Sept. 30 at least 5.5 percent of the energy that is placed on the market will be clean energy and said it is preparing the third auction of electricity that will be for April next year.

Miguel Messmacher Linartas , Undersecretary of Revenue of the Ministry of Finance, said price increases were predictable because at all times was likely to "observing some seasonality as released in the United States so prices will be presented lower at the beginning of the year and in the summer more increases.

He recalled that last in the process of drafting the budget of 2016 year was explained to legislators formula which could include a decline in prices began the year and into the summer increased, as in the United States and Congress approved .

He said the Bank of Mexico surpluses are non-recurring income and once and for all and use them to pay debt is a right decision.

Around the deductibility in Pemex, he said that was a problem for the limited deductibility and only applied in oil and gas cost. But as prices fell fuels also lowered the level of deductibility . Now the decision to modify, in a decree two months ago, for oil and gas fields as part of the support that will allow Pemex and maintain resources above the payment of taxes by 50 billion pesos was taken.

On the impact expected by the increase in gasoline prices , he said the band limiting an increase of only 3 percent is set consistent with the inflation target of the Bank of Mexico 3 percent. "In the worst case scenario it would be 3 percent over last year and will be consistent with the inflation target ," he said.

Forward , he said, take care that liberalization is a neat strategy that is passed from one to a maximum price franchises different stations are also given to Pemex and forward almost a year imports of gasoline . " This will be liberalized in 2018 when prices occur in conditions of adequate competition."

With regard to changes in the budget framework Pemex , said it is to begin to behave as a private company and is now requested amount of debt ceiling that Congress will approve and can take their surplus income but if has missing can make their own adjustments.

In the LP gas market , he added, already we had some private investment and this allows us to see more competition than we see more presence of other participants. We have observed that there are discounts of between 1 and 2 pesos per kilo and this will result in increased competition and prices with discounts of 16 percent.

In turn, José Antonio González Anaya CEO of Petroleos Mexicanos ( Pemex ) when addressing the issue of refining, acknowledged that it has been a difficult issue for Pemex with a capacity of one million barrels per day and has remained stable in recent 3 or 4 Years.

It requires reconfiguring three refineries and three refineries have been modernized . Get off fuel oil production because it is less efficient to generate electricity and pollutes more . We must create coking plants to produce other products .

From 2013 to date we have invested more than 40 billion pesos and to date we will make some kind of partnerships to attract additional capital and accelerate the reconfiguration of the refineries. Pemex refinery has in Deer Park will have greater efficiency , he said.

On the extraction of oil , Jose Antonio Gonzalez said on the production platform Pemex is investing 160 billion pesos a year and is promoting programs and process with associations like the Trion field and will have production in some years because it is complicated and complex . " We will also participate in round 2 , in shallow waters will have immediate increases gradually to recover part of the drilling platform ." Around diesel supply problems we have had granted asylum but have not been systematic .

Pemex director , said that the oil meets the quality of gasoline established by the Ministry of Energy. "The quality of Mexican gasoline is comparable to the quality of gasoline in the United States."

Jaime Francisco Hernandez , director of the CFE said forward rates with the use of more efficient fuels reflect most competitive rates. He said that from the energy reform control Congress CFE has with the establishment of a financial deficit ceiling and only the surplus may be used to finance its expansion programs . " If you have utilities pay income tax , and look forward to the definitions that are to come."

Onward , 6000 300 kilometers of pipeline and this strategy , the pipeline network, will be more robust and mitigate the lack of gas were added, and said : "We have been 37 consecutive months without critical alerts . Today we can have access to hydropower, renewable sources and natural gas plants that can use either natural gas and fuel oil . "