Reaction has started to filter in to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union following yesterday’s referendum.

Scott Lehmann, vice president of product management & product marketing at offshore engineering group Petrotechnics, said: “The UK’s decision to leave the EU brings a new period of uncertainty for the UK oil and gas sector - the full effects of which may not be realized for some time.

“As an international industry, success depends on our ability to attract highly skilled talent to our shores and leaving the EU may limit the mobility of people both in and out of the UK.

“However, as a mature oil and gas region, the low oil price environment is likely to have by far the biggest impact on the future prosperity of the UK North Sea.”

Peter Searle, CEO of offshore workforce provider Airswift, said: “The poll we conducted prior to the vote revealed that only 32% of energy sector workers would have voted to remain.

“That said, this result could create uncertainty for North Sea operators, particularly around the need to source talent for projects in and around the EU. However, leaving the EU could ultimately signal a more prosperous future for the UK North Sea.

“Norway, a key player in the energy industry, already exists successfully outside of the EU and now it’s the UK’s time to carve out its own future.”