The Board of Directors of Petroleos Mexicanos approved the removal of two corporate divisions and the appointment of two executives as part of changes after the cut approved by 100 billion pesos.

The Board of Directors of Petroleos Mexicanos Friday approved changes to the organizational structure, then the cut by 100 billion pesos approved last February 26. At the Council meeting, chaired by Secretary of Energy, Pedro Joaquin Coldwell , the elimination of the corporate divisions of Human Resources and Research was authorized and Technological Development, whose functions will be assumed by the Corporate Management and Services , and by Pemex Exploration and Production, respectively.

Besides reducing the four executive coordination of the Directorate General to a single Headquarters Office , he explained Pemex said in a statement sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange was approved. Carlos Trevino as corporate director of Administration and Legal Jorge Kim as director of the company: two appointments also endorsed . Trevino Medina Food Industry Engineer by the ITESM, and has master's degrees in Business Administration and Science in Food Engineering. He held positions as deputy secretary of Debits of Finance, Chief Financial Officer of Mexican Social Security Institute , and senior officer in the secretariats of Economy and Energy .

In Petroleos Mexicanos served as CFO and Chief Administrative Officer . For his part, Jorge Kim studied law degree from Anahuac University and has a master's degree in law at the University of Kent in the UK. He was CEO of appeals against administrative acts in the Prosecutor Office of the Federation and head of the Tax Law Unit in the Department of Revenue of Finance.  He was also director of the Contentious "A" in the Office of the Federation Attorney and legal director of the Mexican Social Security Institute. " The Board of Directors of Petroleos Mexicanos has authorized adjustments to the organizational structure of the company in order to generate savings and make your operation more efficiently to the new challenges of the economic environment," said the oil.