Mexico's Secretary of energy, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell ruled out that gasoline prices go down more than three percent this year, Despite the anticipation on the liberalization in fuel imports (gasoline and Diesel ).

This week the President Enrique Peña Nieto said that starting from the 1 April individuals can freely import gasoline and other fuels. Interviewed at the end of the closing ceremony of the fifth edition of the Congress Mexico WindPower 2016, the owner of the Sener said that this year the gasoline prices will remain in a band that will range from a decrease or increase of 3 por ciento.

He explained that this measure was preset in the revenue budget for 2016. He recalled that gasoline prices will rock in a band depending on the price of crude oil and the issue of monetary parity and other criteria as set out in a formula. He said that within that band of the fuel prices have been falling. This, said, It is an issue resolved in the budget to change the pricing to a maximum price system.

He asserted, the maximum price also protects consumers from an eventual upturn . During his closing speech , Pedro Joaquin Coldwell said that the energy reform creates incentives for the development of profitable projects. For investors interested in the development of clean technologies, clean energy certificates were created. He said that since November of last year the national power Control Center ( Cenace) he summoned the first electric auction of long term in which the national electric company required 6.3 millions of such certificates.

“These auctions are key to detonate more projects of clean energy in the country because they give certainty to investors that there is a guaranteed minimum floor. Currently , said, the Cenace is examining the 468 offers techniques that they were presented and announced that the next 31 March will be the winners . It was reported that the next auction of long-term will be published towards the second quarter of this year. Expected, said, Add 5 thousand 500 Mega Watts of capacity of existing 3 thousand 200, i.e. , el 60 per cent will come from clean technologies .

In particular wind energy will participate with more of 2 thousand MW. These additions will bring us to the goal which ratified the law of energy transition that establishes to 2024 achieve the 35 per cent of the electricity generated in Mexico, it will come from clean sources. He mentioned , the Sener made the wind Atlas that will be important source for investors stop to develop projects with technical and economic feasibility.

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