Linde Group has signed a contract with PEMEX to supply high-pressure, high-purity nitrogen to the latter’s oil reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico through 2027.

Local Linde affiliate Compañía de Nitrógeno de Cantarell is currently supplying 1,500 MMcf/d (50,000 metric tons) of nitrogen from its facility near Ciudad del Carmen in the state of Campeche, in order to maintain pressure at the Cantarell and Ku Maloob Zaap oil reservoirs.

Linde executive board member Tom Blades said his company had maintained uninterrupted nitrogen supplies to the Cantarell project since 2000, and it has upgraded its facilities and expanded capacity to meet PEMEX’s oil production demands, added Pat Murphy, president of Linde Americas.

PEMEX’s goal is to recover 800 MMbbl of oil over the next 11 years using the enhanced oil recovery process.

The nitrogen at the Linde plant is produced in five air separation units, using atmospheric air as input to an ultra-low temperature cryogenic process which separates pure nitrogen from the oxygen and other minor components.

Subsequently, the nitrogen is pressurized for delivery via steel pipelines more than 60 mi (100 km) to the offshore fields.

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