Pemex has appointed new staff as part of its corporate restructuring; Administrators for operations in shallow, deep waters and unconventional fields.

Pemex Exploration and Production announced Tuesday the appointment of its managers and asset managers as part of the corporate restructuring of the now productive state enterprise.
According to an internal document held by CNNExpansión, these appointments became effective October 5 signed by Javier Hinojosa Puebla, executive director of Pemex Exploration and Production, one of the two subsidiaries of the Industrial Transformation.

Among the appointments are:

Director Exploration

  • Marilu Flores Guillen: sustainable development management , industrial safety , occupational health.

Sub-director Geophysical solutions

  • Juan Carlos Escamilla: seismic acquisition management.

Sub-director Portfolio management and access to new areas

  • Maribel de la Luz Martinez: Management portfolio management.
  • Lopez Marco Antonio Arreguin: management managing new areas and partnerships.

Agency for Development and Production

Deepwater production

  • Samuel Iván Trujillo Tamez: production asset manager Lakach - Kunah - Pildis.

Production shallow water

  • Jose Luis Chavez Suarez programming and operational evaluation.
  • Hector Salvador Salgado: asset manager Cantarell production.
  • Ricardo Padilla Martinez: production manager active Ku - Maloob - Zaap.
  • Marcos Ramirez Rivera: production asset manager Abkatun -Pol - Chuc.

 Production onshore fields

  • Ortiz Mauricio Sastre: programming and operational evaluation.
  • Adolfo Vazquez Luis Cid construction , supervision, drilling and maintenance.
  • Angel Munguia Cid: production asset manager Macuspana - Muspac.
  • Victor Manuel Almanza Mendez: production asset manager Samana - moon.

Fields unconventional

  • Solomon Guzman Morales: construction, supervision , drilling and maintenance.
  • Agustin Hector Mandujana : production asset manager Tertiary Gulf Oil.

Field development

  • Eduardo Romero Poblano: programming and operational evaluation.
  • Francisco Javier Lopez Flamenco: deepwater projects.
  • Blanca Estela Gonzalez Valtierra: shallow water projects.

Packaging and distribution of Hydrocarbons

  • Agustin Sanchez Armando Mejia: coordination of operations.

Sub-director audit of hydrocarbon reserves

  • Daniel Jose Martin Morales Barrera: resource management and certification of reserves.
  • Jose Baltazar Dominguez Hernandez: management of project management.

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