An armed group of at least 10 entered the Administration Building of Pemex of KAAN CEIBA and robbed the 3 ATMs where about 4.5 million pesos ($300,000) USD was stolen.

Over 3000 Pemex workers were left without their fourth nightly pay after the armed group enters the Administrative building of KAAN CEIBA, in the town of Paradise near Dos Bocas a strategic oil operating port. According to Tabasco Hoy, the attack took place on Tuesday morning, where more than 10 criminals arrived at the headquarters of Pemex, about 2:30 hours. After overwhelming the 2 security guards in the area, the attackers ripped three ATMs with more than 1.5 million pesos each ($100,000) USD.

The report indicates that the armed group used crowbars and sledgehammers and several trucks to remove the cash dispenser's out of place. The theft was accomplished in minutes.

Pemex staff and related companies attempted to withdraw salary, but received the surprise of embezzlement. Local authorities are already investigating the fate of the robbery.

This is a spat of attacks within the region and a rise in criminal activity related to low unemployment and general security problems within the region of Tabasco,

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