Permits from the CNH, give certainty to companies interested in Round One: SENER

The head of the SENER, Pedro Joaquin Coldwell said that this measure will also allow those participating in tenders have better information in the data room.

The UK ambassador in Mexico, Duncan Taylor , announced that it is likely that British companies are present in tenders of round one , but especially in those related to deep water , having a wide experience in this sector.

Under the forum "Energy Day", the British diplomat stressed that his country industry is also competitive in areas such as energy efficiency, the electricity market and the promotion of renewable energies.

For his part, Secretary of Energy, Pedro Joaquin Coldwell said that round one is unprecedented in Mexico, as first public, transparent and open to national and international participation in the hydrocarbon sector competitions

He added that the first calls announced, work on building a diversified industrial system, in which companies of different characteristics and sizes, have a presence in Mexico and detonate an economic benefit .

The head of the Sener said that due to energy reform, the National Hydrocarbons Commission ( CNH ) issues permits to private companies interested in seismic studies, which will result in increased accuracy of the areas that could be included in future rounds and participants in tenders will have better information in the data room.

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