The “Patido Moreno” Brown Party in the Chamber of Deputies accuses the Trans National Company OHL of manipulation in the general direction of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) Emilio Lozoya Austin and the corporate procurement and supply Department to Arturo Henríquez Autrey, in order to "operate a vast network of corruption at PEMEX, that I had begun with the support of the Pan's Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón Governments extended from Oceanography".

Rocio Nahle, Coordinator of the parliamentary group in San Lázaro, insisted on the urgent dismissal of Lozoya Austin and Heríquez Autrey, who served as advisors of the OHL before joining the PEMEX, and was subsequently operated on the fall of Amado Yáñez - owner of Oceanography alongside his sons - in order to build a company to replace Oceanography OHL.

"Today OHL enjoys contracts totaling 60 billion pesos (3.5Bn USD) on the part of the federal Government, not counting those signed with Pemex", He said the legislator. Last Thursday, in Gallery, the federal Member of Parliament presented a point of agreement to request the resignation of the director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya, and the Secretary of communications, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, "by the potential conflict of interest, traffic of influences and corruption in the granting of concessions, contracts and projects to company OHL-Mexico".

In the case of Petroleos Mexicanos, He said the denunciation of the Deputy of Patido Morena on its owner Emilio Lozoya, that "in Pemex has formed the clan of Alí Babá and the forty thieves. Lozoya has to resign and ask the Superior audit of the Federation (ASF) to investigate it for fincar you responsibilities". Commenting on a photo caused stir in social networks, dated in the month of October of the year 2013, where is Arturo Henríquez Autrey, Corporate Director of procurement and supply of Pemex, with Amado Yanez, conversation in a House of Los Cabos, Baja California, Rocío Nahle confirmed that the official was a Director of OHL, prior to joining Pemex, "imposed" by the transnational company.

In an interview the Coordinator of Patido Morena referred to hardening the tone, "you have no idea, I know them. Amado Yáñez was an invention of the Pan. Oceanography was one of those companies that the arrival of Vicente Fox to the Presidency was forgotten. There were the Sons of Marta Sahagún, they rescue her with the help of her stepfather (Vicente Fox) and jalan to a type of the corrupt Amado Yáñez". During the foxism, I continue revealing the legislator, Millionaire contracts were awarded to Oceanography. They dismantled over 250 equipment for exploration and production that Pemex owned and sold them as scrap metal to the company, to reuse them, as well as dozens of ships that were supposedly useless.

This is how Amado Yáñez and Sons built an emporium that made them live "as Arab sheiks", said Deputy. Then came the scandal of Oceanography, "and the Government could not, and didn't know how to stop it, went to replace it, OHL, driven by their lords Emilio Lozoya and Arturo Henríquez Autrey, those who have resorted to corruption as a method of enrichment". From the fall of Oceanography, OHL came to the rescue, said Rocío Nahle, and now with their appointees he has placed on the scope of the U.S federal Government and State administrations. "In recent, OHL Mexico has been immersed in a series of scandals caused by the spread of telephone conversations, it presumed acts of corruption and conflicts of interest, starring Emilio Lozoya Austin, Enrique Ochoa Reza, Director-general of the CFE, and Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Secretary of communications and transport".

Considering that these officials have engaged in acts of corruption and conflict of interest, "it is essential that the Mexican Government review and clarify the different complaints and corruption, may not be possible to staff who has been a member of a Board of Directors of beneficiary companies (by multi-million dollar contracts), now have your responsibility the State productive enterprises". To document, He recalled that until the entry of Emilio Lozoya Austin, and Arthur Henriquez Autrey, OHL had not won tender with Pemex. 

It was not until March of the year 2013, three months after taking office, When Pemex awarded the first contract to OHL for 16,000 millones de pesos (1bn USD) "what generates serious indications of a possible conflict of interest".

Source: La Jornada -