CFE employees in Tabasco in extortion and corruption against vunerable foreigner to pay over the odds electric bill, the group is taking advantage of the residence of the upper class who are alreay paying some of the highest electricity costs in Mexico in some cases 15,000 pesos per bill, saying that the meters have been tampered with or have been altered the group then asked for in some cases payments of 100,000 pesos to pay CFE, then the owner of the house recives a call to solve the problem from an anonomus caller asking for only half the cost to fix the problem 50,000,  

One foreign couple we spoke to said: ¨ On August 28, 2015 approximately at 13:20, I arrived home I found two people in one of the access points in the floor of my drive so. I asked if there were any problems, they replied that they were from the CFE and were checking the meters to which I told them great because I had gone to talk to CFE only recently due to my bills were having a disproportionate increase. They said I had to be present so I asked a moment while I took my 3 year old son inside the house, back and they then asked me to turn on the air conditioners, after this they took some measurements and said they found an irregularity and they needed to check the meter, they proceeded to break the seal and one of them began to turn the meter upside down and after a while saying that he had found perforations that I could not see and started to open at this time told me the meter had been tampered with and that he had to cut my electric service, to which I replied that it was impossible when all of my bills were paid and up to date and the only people who had touch the metter were CFE people.

I informed them that the whole family was out of the house for the summer (we were out of the city from 10 July to 9 August) I alone can back on the 22nd of. July for some meetings and found the electric cut off and remember that the bill had not come my way to the office to see what was happening, where I was informed that indeed the service was discontinued when I showed them the receipt for the payment. I realized then that three payments were missing from the CFE website which were not shown, same as had been reported twice and even stop payment vouchers together with a letter in esemomento the person in charge told me that it was easier to sign an agreement on debt relief to what I said I owed nothing and she said that the clarification with the receipts would be a credit balance. The CFE came to reconnect the electric that day one of which was the same person who was here now.

The two people of CFE did not with have any vehicle, then one of them walked off and return with two other vehiclse at a point had eight CFE outside my house told them that what they were doing was not possible that if they had a problem with the meter the only ones who had touched the meters were CFE people I did not if CFE to see who could make all the inquiries that need but my light was current and was last reciboque pay 13,700 pesos as possible they told me I was going to leave without light or had altered the meter when my receipts have been increasing and I have been complaining to CFE (CFE complaint raised a second two months because the bill had more than doubled that what we normally pay.



The CFE continued outside the house and one of them approached me saying that if we could speak in confidence and that. I could speak to him in confidence, to which I replied that I had no idea what he was talking about. He said that someone had told him the meter had been tampered with, again I said I did not know what he meant but that  its impossible CFE where doing this they were doing this. I said he could not leave me without a meter and no electric to which he replied that I would put a new meter but I was going to cut the electric and I would have to call and electrician to reconnect it after he left the two people who i initially found in my home gave me papers to sign and left at 15:30.

A little later my partner received a call form the same guys asking to speak in confidence requesting to meet in La Choca a park not far from us and to bring 50,000 peso if we wanted to resolve this issue, which is totally out of the question and criminal extorsion. Fortunately, the whole process was captured on CCTV and we have initiated criminal proceedings in the district federal and to CFE against those we believed to be responsible for the threats of extortion:

Although measures are being taken at national level to curb corruption within the working public sector this is just another case of extortion increasing in public sector companies, such as the CFE and especially in states like Tabasco where the arm of the federal law seem unable to reach.