CNH makes more flexible rules for second phase of round one

The national hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) it reduced the guarantees required from stakeholders in the second call of the round one to make it more attractive. "New alternatives are presented, a more open collateral package is made, with new instruments, looking for flexibility so that investors can comply with the guarantees required by the State", said Tuesday the President of the CNH, Juan Carlos Zepeda, special session. The regulator approved the proposal of the federal Government to modify contracts corresponding to the five areas to tender is, After that be placed only two blocks in the first bid round one, carried out the 15 last July. In this way, the corporate guarantee, one of the three that calls for the State, was established at the equivalent to 18 times the minimum programme of work required for each contract. The previous rule, He stated that one of the members of the Consortium were secured and will have a minimum capital of 6,000 millions of dollars to protect the interests of the State in the event of one major accident. The guarantee of seriousness - that is presented along with the bids - stays on 2.5 millions of dollars, but with the modification that will be a guarantee for all the contracts to win a bidder or consortium. The CNH also relaxed rules to form consortia. Will be allowed that an operator that is part of a consortium may also be a single bidder. Like this, an operator may submit a tender as part of a consortium and as single bidder, with the only restriction that no proposals for the same contractual area. The body approved an obligation on the winners to have insurance of responsibility for possible spills or industrial accidents, the amount of which is set in at least 1,000 million dollars per event. Also forced to have hired a well control service. Adjusted the schedule of the second call, but it did not alter the date for submission of proposals by bidders, scheduled for the 30 next September.

Scoure : CNN