The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and the Iberdrola company signed three agreements linked to the expectation of marketing of gas the electrical State, the acquisition of hydraulic pumping technology and an exchange of energy remaining gas in the plant in Tamazunchale II, operated by the Spanish capital firm. 

The first of these memoranda of understanding (MOUS), is that the Federal Electricity Commission will be the preferred provider of natural gas from existing and future projects of generation of electrical energy from Iberdrola in Mexico. The Spanish firm has an installed capacity in construction of 6,000 megawatts electric, which will increase through thermal generation projects, has announced. Therefore the CFE will grow in more than 8,700 million cubic feet its capacity of gas transportation to 2018, to become retailer for companies with needs such as the Iberdrola. 

The second of the agreements signed by the director-general of the CFE, Enrique Ochoa Reza, and Ignacio Galán, President of Iberdrola, refers to promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the sector of the hydroelectric generation of pumping between the two companies. The third agreement is to analyze the increase in the supply of natural gas for the CFE to the combined cycle plant Tamazunchale II, located in San Luis Potosí and operated by Iberdrola.

Source: El Economista -